The Wolf

The wolf is a legendary and central figure symbolizing honor in Turkic mythology and has two primary stories associated with it. 

One attributes the she-wolf with being the mother of Turkic peoples and the other story, explained below, is the inspiration behind TAU’s logo…

In this particular story the Turks are said to have been trapped in the legendary valley named Ergenekon, a place of refuge for the Turks. The Turks had moved there but as their community expanded the valley became suffocating. The Turks were stuck within its confines for four centuries until a blacksmith made an opening by melting some rocks. A helpful wolf then led the Turks out, resulting in their living in serenity. 

The wolf in TAU’s logo serves as a guide as well, leading to love, friendship, and understanding not only amongst the Turkic peoples but all of humanity and creation. Green is known to be the color of peace and nature and for that reason is used extensively here. In conclusion, TAU’s logo has several meanings: honor, peace, universal love, nature, agility, integrity, strength, Turkic heritage, and the celebration of all of humanity and creation. 


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