–The Sakha Republic and the Sakha/Yakut Turks
Population: The Republic of Sakha (Russia)-958,528 (2010); Other countries with Sakha populations are Ukraine and Kazakhstan.
Religion: Traditionally, they’ve practiced Tengrism, and many still do today. However, many also practice Russian Orthodox Christianity.
Facts: The coldest place in the world which is inhabited by humans is Öymököön, Russia, in the Republic of Sakha; The Republic of Sakha is the largest province of Russia.

Population: Taymyria and Krasnoyarsk Krai, Russia-7,261 (2002)
Religion: Mostly Orthodox Christianity, but with many traditional Shamanistic beliefs.
Facts: Some believe that the Dolgan are the same as the Sakha; Many breed and herd reindeer.

Population: Altay (Russia)-69,963 (2010); Russia-367,000 (2010)
Religion: Shamanism, Burkhanism, and Russian Orthodox
Facts: The oldest rug in the world was discovered in Altay. 

–Shor Turks
Population: Kemerovo Oblast, Khakassia, and Altay (Russia)-13,975 (2002)
Religion: Shamanism, Animism, and Orthodox Christianity
Facts: The Shor people were formed as a result of interbreeding between Turkic, Ugric, Samoyedic and Ket peoples.

–Khakassia and Khakas Turks
Population: Khakassia (Russia)-72,959 (2010)
Religion: Russian Orthodox Christianity and Shamanism
Facts: It’s believed that the Khakas are the descendants of the Yenisei Kyrgyz, who are the ancestors of the Kyrgyz.

–Tuva and the Tuvans
Population: Tuva (Russia)-263,934 (2010); Mongolia-31,823 (2010); China-4,000 (2010)
Religion: Tibetan Buddhism and Tengrism
Facts: Tuvans are renowned for throat singing.

–Chulym Turks
Population: Tomsk Oblast, Russia-656 (2002)
Religion: Russian Orthodox with Shamanistic beliefs and Shamanism
Facts: Chulym Turkic is an endangered language and will most likely be extinct within 25yrs. In 2008, it was estimated that there were only 35-40 fluent speakers, the youngest known fluent speaker was 58 at the time. During Soviet times, children weren’t allowed to speak their language in schools; The Chulym call themselves ‘Ös’, which means ‘self’ or ‘own’.

–Fu Yu Kyrgyz or Manchurian Kyrgyz
Population: Qiqihar, China-1,500
Religion: Tengrism
Facts: The Fu Yu Kyrgyz are actually more closely related to the Khakass, linguistically and culturally; They are the easternmost Turks; Their language is close to endangered status, many children speak Chinese more than their own and many adults now speak Mongolian more than their own language as well.


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